All schedules and time keeping are managed through our app “Vital Nurse Staffing“. Please download the free app to your smartphone. 

All times need to be completed and turned in by Sunday night 11:59pm. Please have your immediate supervisor sign your punch in the app.  Times can be adjusted in the app by clicking on the times and adjusting the clock. 
In the event that you are unable to use the app please print and fax time sheet by Sunday 11:59pm to 877-652-5053. 
CORE Timesheet
HealthEast Timesheet (Used only by RTs working in the HealthEast system)

PCS – Payroll 

Click Here to register with PCS.  Once registered you will be able to view pay stubs online.

PCS online manual:   Employee Self Service Portal Instructions

Navigation Quick Tip:
Click “Employee Self Service” (bottom left of page).
Click “Pay History” in the menu.
The last pay stub is highlighted in yellow 1/3 of the way down page.
Select View/Print Pay Stub in navy blue action bar.

Please contact your recruiter or call us at 989-607-9329 if you have additional questions about your payroll or the PCS iSolved log in.